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Sound Advice #45 – The Tongue is a Many-Splendored Thing

I admit it. I am a vocal technique nerd. Students who take voice lessons with me in my Marin County studio are often invited to explore some voice-related anatomical part, such as the ribs, the muscles of the torso (and the diaphragm), the larynx and the tongue. And it’s this last one that has been [...]

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Sound Advice #44 – What Exactly is Vocal Technique?

Many aspiring singers take voice lessons to improve their vocal technique. We learn about breathing, resonance and how the vocal folds work for the style of singing we want to do. But what exactly is vocal technique? It’s simply “a way” to do something. I like to think of it as taking off layers of [...]

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Sound Advice #37 – Singing While Playing An Instrument

Musicians who come to take voice lessons with me are not just coming to learn to sing better. They often want to sing well while playing their instruments, too. Although it’s great fun to play and sing at the same time, the activity can be fraught with pitfalls. It’s challenging because essentially you are “playing” [...]

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