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Sound Advice #37 – Singing While Playing An Instrument

Musicians who come to take voice lessons with me are not just coming to learn to sing better. They often want to sing well while playing their instruments, too. Although it’s great fun to play and sing at the same time, the activity can be fraught with pitfalls. It’s challenging because essentially you are “playing” [...]

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Sound Advice #35 – What Voice Type Am I?

For a year or so, I’ve been having a lovely exchange with a singer on the East Coast. Every so often, he sends me clips he has recorded of his singing – warm-ups, hymns, sections of patriotic songs. He keeps me updated on his vocal progress. Eventually he asks: Do you think I’m a tenor [...]

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Sound Advice #34 – Going with the Flow

Recently one of my students who takes voice lessons in Marin with me was expressing frustration that after so many years of vocal studies, her voice still wasn’t “flowing” like she wanted it to. It got me thinking about flow and what it means in terms of our singing and performance. In the book “Finding [...]

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